Exchange between Brescia and Darmstadt

The exchange between Brescia and Darmstadt took place in the week from Saturday 4th November to Friday 10th November. After a ten- hour journey, the Italians finally arrived in Darmstadt where they were welcomed by the German guestfamilies, which had been waiting excitedly. The evening was spent at home with the exchange partners.

 There was no specific program on the next day, so all families visited different interesting places, where we went sightseeing and could explore Germany together.

 On Monday morning, the Italian and German students finally met again and played some games to get to know each other.After that the Italian students could experience the school in Germany through accompanying the German students for two normal lessons. When all exchange participants met again, we were divided into different groups to work on different projecttopics about“Jugendstil”. Then we ate pizza together. When everyone had finished eating, we made a rally through Darmstadt, which had been organized by the teachers. While exploring Darmstadt many pictures were taken both of the monuments and of us in front of them. Although the weather was really cold, we had fun. It took us two hours to complete the rally but we eventually arrived at “Mathildenhöhe”. A part of the group even went playing “Lasertag” later. 

On Tuesday the exchange students and teachers went to Bad Nauheim by train to visit the beautiful buildings designed in “Jugendstil”. A guide showed us around so we could learn many new things. Afterwards we had some time to spend in Frankfurt, where the Germans showed their exchange partners the city or rather explored the city through shopping. Everyone found Frankfurt really impressive, especially because of the skyline. 

The next day, the exchange partners were split into two groups. After writing their exams, the Germans visited the exhibition about Jugendstil in the “Landesmuseum” while the Italian students participated in a workshop where they could create their own pictures with a special printing technique. When we had finished, we switched so everyone was able to do both. Most of us went eating typical German food in the “Ratskeller” after that. Although the Italians had never eaten something like this before, surprisingly many liked it. 

On Thursday, once again, the Italian students attended the first two lessons with their exchange partners. After the lessons had ended, they continued working on the projects (with “Vibration!”) which should be presented in the evening. The parents could learn about what their children had done and workedon in the whole week. 

That evening was also sadly the last evening before the students from Italy had to leave Germany and go home in the following morning. But luckily that was not the last time we met: The German students are going to visit Brescia in April 2018!